There is Music in the spacing of the planets. Find out what song your stars are singing.
Voracious reading and extensive research about the degree and nakshtra of the planets have enable me to predict with sound accuracy. One must always have some idea about his or her future because the knowledge of good future will fill your present with happiness and joy. And, if you are heading towards unpleasant time, then it will mentally prepare you to deal with unhappy circumstances.
Jupiter and Venus are two major governing forces that control the domain of money, luxury and prosperity. The fortune of a person is known through first house of Lagnesh chart. One can know easily about his upcoming financial rise or downfall by horoscope.
After examining thousands of horoscope, I concluded that dashmansh chart plays key role in ascertaining the nature of individualís profession. Majority of Astrologers are unaware of the role which dashmansh play. With the help of career astrology, you can know when you will attain professional success.
It is statistically proven fact that matrimonial matches with astrological compatibility last for longer period. Astrology can assist you to know whether you are compatible with your future life partner.
The fourth house of Chaturmansh chart tells about the family life. Astrology also help you to know about the quality of relationship with brothers, sisters, father, mother, uncles and aunts. By fifth house of Saptmansh and the planet Jupiter one may also know about the destiny of their Children.
Planets and human body shares deep connection. Ancient texts have recorded the relationship of various planets and body organs. For instance, mars look after the health of blood and moon is responsible for blood circulation. With the help of health astrology, one can know on what day disease possessed the body, and when it will be healed.
What People have to say about the Predictions:
"Mr. Jain is the first astrologer who have affirmed my faith in astrology. His prediction are so accurate that he tells about the month and even date of life events. I was never more satisfied after consulting any astrologer". -Arun Jain
"I was surprised when Shri Abhay Jain, after seeing the horoscope, told me that my mother is suffering from cancer. He further informed me the date on which the time of the concerning planet started which caused cancer".-Rashmi
"I never thought that horoscope can even tell about personís non-significant traits. Apart from making so many correct predictions, he correctly mention me that my daughter is obsessed with fragrance. Astrology is incredible!".-Anshu Jain